This blog was created as a venue for printmakers in Malaysia to come together and share ideas, information and facilities.
We also would like to create awareness, spread the love for printmaking!

Tools & Materials

TOOLS & MATERIALS USED depends on the printmaking technique required.

For woodcut & engraving, simple tools suffice..

Other equipment needed include.. (photos taken on visit to Dasein Academy of Arts)

Different chemicals / ink / paints for different techniques

Further reading :

The results of printmaking is also greatly affected by the paper used. Here's an introduction to the different papers.


  1. A reader emailed to ask -

    May I know where can we get the contact for supplier who are selling printmaking machine in Malaysia? Thanks.


    If anyone has information about this, pls comment in this page or email to

    Many thanks!

  2. Hello! Does anyone know where I can order oil-based lino inks online? A Malaysia supplier would be best, thank you!


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