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Saturday, 3 August 2013

ASWARA - Graduation exhibition (visual arts) 2013

From 19 June 2013 to 2nd of July, the graduating class of 2013, Art Dept at Aswara had their graduation exhibition.  Among them were some interesting printmaking artwork, either explicitly print or a mix with other media.

I was invited to view the exhibits by Ms Chuah Shu Ruei, part of the organising committee but was not able to attend. However, she was kind enough to roundup some pretty amazing print works by the graduates for our viewing pleasure.

It's always interesting and inspiring to view works by new, aspiring artists!!

Ean Siew Yieen 
- Majored in Printmaking
Ean Siew Yieen- 'Traditional Life II'- Stencil print, acrylic
- Theme: Lotus
- Ean Siew Yieen perceives the lotus beyond it's usual Buddhistic connotations, and instead explores its role in traditional health foods and medicine.

Aizat Amir bin Ahmad Sanusi 
- Minor in Printmaking
Aizat Amir- 'Saya Budak Baru Belajar'; Mixed media- Silkscreen, oil paint, collage, lacquer
- Theme: Pantun Melayu
- Aizat's installation piece based on the pantun 'Buah Cempedak Diluar Pagar' invites the viewer to reminisce on old school days, and to realize how we are still and always pupils to our everyday environment.

Anith Fatin binti Hafidzi
- Majored in Printmaking
Anith Fatin- 'Songket Bunga Melur (Jasmine)'; Silkscreen printing, glass, Stainkis
- Theme: Songket Motif
- Anith Fatin incorporates songket motifs into her work to rekindle and deepen the viewers awareness and understanding of this traditional craft; it's elegance, history, and     great cultural value.

Muhamad Hazul bin Abu Bakar
- Minor in Printmaking
Hazul Bakar- 'Kill By Money'; Silkscreen printing, Bitumen, ink on canvas
- Theme: Before and After
- This series is based on the Hadith 'Lima Perkara Sebelum Datangnya Lima Perkara' and on the artist's thoughts and observations of contemporary society. His work mulls on a society lost and negligent of their religious duties, and the consequences of this.

Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Suhaimi (Suhaiziz)
- Minor in Printmaking
Suhaiziz- 'Rhythm of Champions' - silkscreen printing
- Theme: Rhythm
- Through his series, Suhaiziz ponders, distorts and explores the world of Wayang Kulit music and instruments.

Chuah Shu Ruei 
- Majored in Printmaking
'Orang Boxes'_ Digital Print, light box, ready made objects
- Theme: Dehumanisation 

- 'Orang Boxes' is a Manglish play of words, where a small typo in 'orange boxes' changes its meaning to 'people boxes'. Mandarin orange boxes are a metaphor for how        assigning identity to ourselves and stereotyping is a way of packaging/objectifying/dehumanising ourselves and each other. 

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