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Thursday, 16 July 2015

FYI - Plaster printing / Plaster Cast Etching

Has anyone tried to make a print using plaster of Paris?

In this article, Meredith Setser of  Herron School of Art explains how it works and tips on getting better results.

Plaster Cast Etching
A nice impression of etching plates, pronto plates, and even monotype plates can be made by making a plaster cast of the inked up matrix. The sensitivity of the plaster material can capture incredibly subtle nuances and details in an image, and is particularly well suited to images that have a wide range of values. This is a process that bridges the gap between sculpture and print.

These are the materials needed for etching plaster print:

  • plaster of paris
  • 2 mixing containers (bowls or pails)
  • oil base printing ink
  • Tarlatan and ink card for wiping etching plate
  • mold
  • plastic sheeting or saran wrap

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