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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Visit to Terap Ulang Studio, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang

I like the name Terap Ulang. "Terap" refers to press, undergoing a pressing process (ie printmaking) and "Ulang" means to repeat.  Hence, it is named "Repeated Pressed". Such a creative  and perfect name to describe the energy the students and lecturers have creating prints.

This is the first thing u see on entering the first studio. 

SAFETY first / Precautions / Procedures :
Looking at the signages around the studio / workspace, i cant help wonder whether the parents would have allowed their undergrad sons & daughters take up this disciplin,e..if they knew! ha ha.. Just in jest.

But, seriously, whenever your are using tools and chemicals (even in home science class where u can get scalded by hot oil), one must RESPECT the tools & chemicals.

Also goes to show the dedication of printmakers. Hazardous fumes, danger of spills, ..are all part of printmaking.

Manual printing press

Automated printing press (for the older ones..says Prof. Rahman)
TOOLS of the trade
Printing presses - either manually operated or automated, Just press a button & it slowly rolls the print plate & paper into the machine and out.

Drying rack
DRYING rack Once it is setup, the printing press must be run uninterupted to print as many prints as u want. Some choose do a few copies, some up to hundreds and others only, a monoprint (single). This rack helps separate the prints as the ink is still wet.

Picture A
QUIZ  1  -  What's this picture showing??
Picture B
And this ?
---> Can anyone help?. Pls write in your comments below. Picture A & B

Now we come to the next studio :
INK roller
Wow..that's a huge & heavy roller.  Here, Prof Rahman is showing me how to ink the block. Looks like you got to be strong & fit too to do printmaking. Well that's putting to good use the muscles u gain from gym workouts.

STONE lithography
This also requires heavy lifting. Some of the stone blocks are so large, they even have a forklift to carry it to the press. It's from imported limestone.   Just how is stone lithography done?

When  u finish using this image on the stone, how do u remove the image to make another... You dligently and meticulously grind it off!
QUIZ 2 - 

Can u explain how these TWO machines work?
Picture C & D
Picture D

Picture C

HANDMADE paper source

This patch of banana trees provide raw materials for handmade paper making, another printmaking 'resource'.


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