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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Prints have arrived at Macao!

AUG 30...
 "Confirm received 8 applications and the article. Thanks a lot!

We’ll have a welcome dinner on 16 Nov evening, and the opening ceremony schedule at 17:00 on 17Nov."  

... from the Printmaking Triennial organisers

And so... the excitement begins. 

To date, most of the 8 Malaysian artists have booked their flights with a return flight from Shenzhen, our stopover after Macau.  They will be visiting the Guanlan Printmaking Centre at Shenzhen.

Check some of the blogs on this centre : 
China's Printmaking City of Guanlan
The blogger comments : Never one to be outdone in anything, China decided to set up an artists' colony for printmakers. In specific, the Guanlan Centre....   The wonderful thing about this place is that it’s not just a building or two that is called an artist colony. The Center makes up a whole village! Guanlan is a 300 year old (ancient by western standards) Hakka fishing village, and in 2008, it was converted into a studio center for printmakers! How Excellent!

...Unlike the surrounding cities, the Guanlan Original Print Base is in a peaceful ecological zone. From the studios the artists overlook vegetable - and strawberry fields. While they harvest one field, they plant new seedlings on the next. From morning to evening they work in the fields, watering the plants with two cans at the same time, which are hanging from a bamboo stick over both shoulders. The fields are surrounded by brooks and ponds with frogs and ducks, bridges and footpaths. The artists live in 300 years old Hakka village houses. They are built from stone. Wooden galleries and heavy doors are carefully restored. There are watch towers and decorated pediments mirror in the diverse lakes.
The print base began with it’s residency program in May 2009. Before they had already held two biennuals and art fairs. They will build a printing museum in the next three years.  

Shenzhen Guanlan Print Original Base

The entrance of Print Artist Village at Shenzhen Guanlan Print Original Industry Base on November 21, 2008. [Photo: Xu Liuliu]
Located northeast of Guanlan Town in Shenzhen, the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base is the spiritual home of Chen Yanqiao, a pioneer in contemporary Chinese printmaking. The Print Base is jointly set up by the Shenzhen Bao'an District People's Government, the China Artists Association and the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles. It includes printmaking works, exhibitions, background information and research on the fine art. The three parties offer a platform for academic and commercial development by working on five projects including the Guanlan International Print Biennial, a Print Workshop, and the Original Print Fair. The Print Base also provides ecological and artistic inspiration for visitors who come to appreciate the works of the famous artists, the ancient Hakka houses and unique local customs.

Printmaking residency in Guanlan
A Guest Post by Evan Summer
Guanlan Print Original Industry Base in Guanlan, China. Workshop areas for etching, lithography, silkscreen and woodcut are on the first floor, individual studios on the second.

In May and June 2010 I was an Artist in Residence at the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base in Guanlan, China. After participating in the 2007 and 2009 Guanlan Biennial Print Exhibitions, they invited me to be an artist in residence. I’ve never traveled much but knew I’d regret it if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.
The residencies are usually between three weeks and three months. During that time artists are expected to produce prints in any of the four standard areas: etching, serigraphy, lithography and relief. They are provided with studios, basic supplies, 24/7 access to the workshop and the help of technicians.

NOTE :  I originally wanted to post about Macau... but after learning about Guanlan... you can see  (from links above) why I'm now sooo eager to visit this place!!

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