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Friday, 19 October 2012

Bidding for participation in 4th Guanlan International Print Biennial 2013

Guanlan International Print Biennial has been successfully conducted 3 times by Guanlan Original Printmaking Base. Now the 4th in 2013 is forthcoming. We attained big success in the previous 3 biennials due to the great support of the artists from the entire world. This exhibition will focus on artistic and academic ability, and promote the creative and individual work style. A high level and superior quality of art works will be selected for the exhibition.

We also hope that the Guanlan International Print Biennial will promote the exchange of artists around the world and endeavour that Guanlan International Print Biennial becomes the platform and window for people from the world to understand China, also for Chinese to understand the world.

We invite you to participate in this exhibition, and sincerely hope that more and more artists come from different countries to participate in this exhibition and to see numerous great print art works.

DEADLINE for receiving works :  FEBRUARY 25, 2013.

Exhibition place                    :      Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Shenzhen,China
Exhibition period                  :       Mid May - Mid June, 2013
Number of proposed works :       200 - 300 pieces
  - Submitted works of each artist are limited to 1 or 2 original work of print created in the last two years prior to the exhibition. All print techniques will be accepted. The works should be signed and do not need to be mounted. - The size of the largest for the submitted works is 120×120cm and the smallest is 30×30cm. A set of work consist of two or three separate prints (such as triptych) which also cannot surpass this limit. For more details:

Please forward this news to others who may interested.

Thank you very much.

Zhao Jiachun
Secretary to Curator

NOTE  to interested artists. If u can't access the website but would like to have more information and Entry Form, pls email:

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