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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Countdown to the 1st Macau Printmaking Triennial begins!

In exactly 1 month's time, our Malaysian team of printmakers will arrive at Macau, including their writer/blogger (me) and another ACG member (Kak Siti) will start our 6D5N trip which will include Shenzhen too.

The Macau exhibition organisers are arranging our accomodation and itinerary.  They are also publishing the exhibition catalog - bilingual (English & Mandarin).  This will include a 5000-word from each participating country documenting the development of printmaking in their country! Gonna be a thick book :)

As this is the first major publication of my writing, i'm thrilled to bits! All this is attributed to Frank Woo, who introduced to me this project and Prof Rahman, who helped check & wrote the concluding section.

It's also a tribute to ACG - The Arts & Crafts Guild KL & Selangor who celebrates it's 19th anniversary this 31st October. ACG was conceived as a vehicle to help promote artists and crafters alike. It's membership is open to all who practice creative pursuits and also all who appreciate the creative outputs of artists, crafter, designers, theatre performers, sculptors, ..etc and of course printmakers.

Printmaking is 'new' &  little known to our members and the public. but fortunately, it is part of the syllabus for Fine Art courses in colleges & universities. ACG is committed to raising awareness about this artform and it has started with the creation of this blog.  It is open to ALL PRINTMAKERS IN MALAYSIA. Much still has to be done.

After the Macau exhibition and visit to Guanlan Printmaking base in Shenzhen, ACG will organise a slide presentation & discussion about our experiences there. This is the purpose of my trip - to document the 'printmaking' experiences and promote Malaysian printmakers.

So the countdown begins!

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