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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 2 - Macao Museum

16 Nov - Macau

Walking down the steep slope we climbed last night
Since we already knew how to go to Senado Square, the main shopping cum historical centre with the iconic ruins of St Paul’s over-looking the square, we ventured out confidentally. Some of our team have split, so our group was a bit smaller.  The weather was pleasantly cool and cold intermittently.   

So jealous, watching the seasoned shoppers going about in boots and sweaters.  But we managed either with a jacket or shawl. 

We have not seen the sun, since we arrived yesterday.  The skies would be what we, in Malaysia, call ‘mendung’ – cloudy with likeliness of rain.  However, we were luckily. No rain until the following day.

Along the way, we notice the subtle juxtaposing of old and new buildings. In fact the old historical buildings are better maintained than the modern ones..Haha..

Our self-arranged itinerary was to include Macau Art Museum (one end of Macau) & Anshun Batik & Tin Embroidery (on the other side). So, we decided on Museum of Macau, which was near to the ruins of St Paul's Church.

Ruins of St Paul's Church
A shop selling orignal works by Macau Designers (right next to the Ruins of St Paul's Church)

 It was a nondescript building set in the hill slope and so the sight of escalators delighted some of us. The has  a uniqueness about it as u can see in the photos.

 Entrance to the museum exhibits.. on the left side, artifacts from western world

 On the right side, is the Chinese world!

First printing press in Macao

Other exhibits showed the mix of architecture, Portuguese way of life, Christian artifacts, pottery, making of firecrackers, silk, astronomy, marriage certificates, etc.

The museum also had a garden called Fortress Garden on the upper level.

It gives a good view of the city landmarks like the very imposing Grand Lisboa Hotel & Casino (in gold colour).

Then headed down to the streets to look for lunch..  All restaurants were small, so difficult to get one that had 7 empty chairs. Finally got a corner restaurant, no frills restaurant. We called individual meals. Some had fish porridge, wantan-like mee, and i chose the quite unusual dish of ox-tongue stew. Very European food is a Chinese family restaurant.

Then we walked back to Senado Square, taking the scenic look...which meant that we got lost, even with maps in hand. Small roads were not listed in the map. That excursion tested us. But our group members were cool about it, everyone trying to help figure out the way. Finally after going one big circle, we landed back in Senado Square. What a way to see the city!

A bit short of time now. Welcome Dinner is to start at 7pm. At 3pm we were still looking for Casa Lou Kou, where the tourist brochure said Anshun Batik and Tin Embroidery demo & exhibition were to be held. Our navigation skills were put to the test again. Again we missed it as it was nestled between other buildings with no visible markings. Opposite it were many shops selling the same food - Beef Offal with additional steamboat stuff on satay sticks. The smell was to strong, we were looking right instead of left. Eventually after another round of walking & map reading, we got back to the 'beef offal' street,  This time we looked to our left and voila! It was right opposite the beef offal shops.

Another joke awaited us. As we entered it's like a old nyonya house, with carvings & decorations all in dark wood, we could find the exhibition. We asked the guard. She sheepishly pointed us towards a young man as she (and many others) cant speak English. Luckily the young man who is involved in setting up the exhibition could help us out. Where's the exhibition, I asked. TOMORO...was the answer!

Aiyah! I was paying attention to the ending date & forgot to check the starting date. Well, at least we know where it is... So, we said goodbye to them and hurried to find transport back to the hotel.

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