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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Welcome Dinner in Macau

We managed to get back to the hotel in time to change, rest our feet and then stroll down to the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel. 

The organisers had arranged for all print artists to meet, mingle, catch-up, show each others unique print making!

Each artist brought an exhibition  catalogs of their work
Quite a good turn out! Many artists know each other by reputation but may not have met in person. So this dinner was a good opportunity to meet in person.

For example, Prof Rahman organised the PIPE 2010, a huge print exhibition in Penang some time ago. Today he met one of the print artists from India who corresponded with him and sent in an entry for PIPE 2010.

Sweet ladies.. making sure everything went on well!

Welcoming us!

Dinner is served... 13 courses!  (does not have the usual 'Four seasons' dish served as opening course in Malaysian Chinese Restaurants, -- something different). Food was delicate, light (meaning not too oily or sugary) but aplenty! We gave up after the 10th dish...  We suggested the waiter to pack and give to he staff or anyone who needs it.

The Peking Duck was interesting as we only got to each the crispy skin, before it was whisked away to make another dish.

The Singapore print artists

Guanlan Printmaking Centre, Shenzhen, China (in white)

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