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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Visit to Juhari Said's Akal di Ulu

We were eager to meet up with Juhari Said, one of Malaysia's dedicated printmaker. So much has he contributed to printmaking in Malaysia during his 2 decades of printmaking, always pushing to further the art. He's life and work is best summarised in Prof. A. Rahman Mohamed's essay.  Recently he has found a new direction as chronicled by Dr Tony Donalson.

Here's a photo essay of our visit :

Entrance to Juhari Said's studio 
Our mode of transport - Art Malaysia's Defender

Vanilla plants (background), lime plants (foreground) 

A passionate artist as he tells of his experiences

The poultry farm enclosure... We heard there was a python nearby..

Such cool ambiance!

 Juhari Said's studio

Juhari's woodcuts (background) with his newer passion for wood carving sculptures (foreground)

One for the album

Bye - bye!

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